This ain’t a scene, it’s a completely perplexing commercial


This commercial’s been perplexing me for a while, and now that the Onion’s A.V. Club has given it an Unbearable rating in the latest Tolerability Index, I can see I’m not alone. Is it intentionally funny or unintentionally funny? How can this meatheaded gym rat get pumped by listening to Fall Out Boy, of all bands? Is this some kind of attack ad to make people like Fall Out Boy less? I don’t get it.

7 Responses to “This ain’t a scene, it’s a completely perplexing commercial”

  1. 1 Joe Red

    Finally. I’ve hated this commercial since I first saw it, and have been unable to understand it. Are they joking about how Fall Out Boy doesn’t appeal to his demographic at all, or are they just morons? Finally, Peter Lynn asks the questions of the working man!

  2. They show this commercial in Canada?

  3. Joe Red: I completely buy that the gym rat listens to really shitty music, but I figured it would be more along the line of “Jock Jams”. I thought only little girls and spindly emo lads listened to Fall Out Boy.

    Dickolas Wang: Nope, they don’t. Never seen it.

  4. 4 TDB

    I’m probably crazy, but when I first saw this commercial, I had the feeling they were trying to establish a subconscious connection in the mind of the viewers between the gym rat and the actor Jack Black.

    Kind of the way some obscure brands of prepackaged food will adopt the same color scheme used on the packaging of it’s far better known competitors.

    But then again…I could be crazy.

  5. You’re not crazy. I’ve seen people in that thread at the Onion A.V. Club pointing out that he’s copping his moves from Jack Black. But Jack Black is pudgy and obviously kidding. This guy? Not so much.

  6. 6 MC

    The thing I can’t believe is that he would have a “lady”

  7. 7 Callum

    Isn’t it ironic the people that they are marketing to in this commercial are the same ones that probably beat the crap out of Fall Out Boy back in high school?

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