Happy birthday


Happy birthday to the following people:

Gautama Buddha, spiritual teacher (563 B.C.)
Philip IV, king of Spain (1605)
Christiaan IX, king of Denmark (1818)
Charles “Lady” Baldwin, baseball player (1859)
Mary Pickford, actress (1892)
Sonja Henie, ice skater (1912)
Betty Ford, First Lady (1918)
Franco Corelli, tenor (1921)
Shecky Greene, comedian (1926)
Jacques Brel, composer (1929)
Seymour Hersh, journalist (1937)
Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general (1938)
John Havlicek. basketball player (1940)
Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer (1941)
Catfish Hunter, baseball player (1946)
Tom DeLay, politican (1947)
Steve Howe, guitarist (1947)
Gary Carter, baseball player (1954)
Barbara Kingsolver, novelist (1955)
John Schneider, actor (1960)
Richard Hatch, reality show star (1961)
Izzy Stradlin, musician (1962)
Julian Lennon, musician (1963)
Donita Sparks, musician (1963)
Biz Markie, musician (1964)
Robin Wright Penn, actress (1966)
Patricia Arquette, actress (1968)
Alex Gonzales, baseball player (1973)
Peter Lynn, blogger (1974)
Roman Kukumberg, hockey player (1980)
Grace Park, actress (1980)
Katee Sackhoff, actress (1980)
Jason Jaspers, hockey player (1981)
Judy Star, adult film actress (1982)
Yanick Lehoux, hockey player (1982)
Kirsten Storms, actress (1984)
Taran Noah Smith, actor (1984)

5 Responses to “Happy birthday”

  1. 1 Scott

    In my province it is not yet your birthday.

  2. Happy birthday, Peter. May you never die until James Joyce shoots you.

  3. 3 Scott

    In my province it is your birthday. Happy Birthday, Fatman.

    P.S. Are you fat right now?

  4. 4 Gloria

    Happy birthday, Peter Lynn.

    Oh, dude, Grace Park and Katee Sackhoff share the same birthday? That’d be one hot party.

  5. Thanks, folks!

    I’m about 175 now — pounds, not years.

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