I’m Not Fit for Print


Hey, remember that time when I noticed that this thing that I wrote wasn’t available on the web anymore, so I reposted it on this blog? I refer to a mock apology letter called “I Am So Sorry We Led Your Son to Christ”, which I put up just a couple of weeks ago and which would actually be at the bottom of this page right now if this post wasn’t bumping it into the archives. Well, while it might not have been online anymore, it turns out that this doesn’t mean it was out of print. I had no idea it was even in print, but it is.

Your favorite Internet comedian Jay Pinkerton fired me off an e-mail earlier today mentioning that he’d been trawling through his local comic book store and noticed a new National Lampoon book called National Lampoon’s Not Fit For Print, purportedly a compilation of tasteless cartoons, jokes, and essays. As you may know, Jay used to work at the National Lampoon, and the current management included some of his old articles in the last Lampoon book. So, he flipped through this one to see if they’d used any more of his stuff, and sure enough, they had. Not only that, but they’d also included my aforementioned “I Am So Sorry We Led Your Son to Christ”, which appeared on the Lampoon‘s website until its archives mysteriously disappeared as part of the publication’s makeover from towering bastion of American satire to generic Tucker Max-affiliated web portal and licensor of direct-to-DVD Paris Hilton sorority comedies.

It might have been delightful if the Lampoon had given me a heads-up, not to mention a free copy or — heaven forfend — a cheque, but there we go: I’m now a published essayist alongside the likes of P.J. O’Rourke, among others. I don’t know if I can necessarily recommend that you run out straightaway and buy National Lampoon’s Not Fit For Print, as this blog is hosted by one of the Lampoon‘s competitors, I wouldn’t derive any direct financial benefit from your doing so, and my particular contribution can be read for free on this blog. But I won’t recommend that you don’t buy it either, particularly if you do so with the intention of mailing me a copy, as I’m vaguely interested in seeing it.

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