Here’s to the female Walter Gretzky


In honour of Mother’s Day tomorrow, here’s a story about the hockey player Alexander Ovechkin that I’ve been saving. Apparently, his mom, Tatiana, was hit by a car at age 7 and had her leg crushed. She spent a year in the hospital and came out with both legs badly atrophied. When she was 9, she was watching her older sister play basketball, and the coach let her try throwing the ball. She became obsessed with becoming a basketball player.

Here’s the part I find amazing: At age 9, she essentially designed her own physiotherapy program to rehab her legs. She’d sit on a park bench, set bricks on her legs, and lift them. She had no advice. She just made it up as she went along. And she went on to be a professional basketball star in the Soviet Union and led her team to two Olympic gold medals.

It only makes sense that a woman that impressive would produce a generational talent. Tatiana Ovechkin now acts as her son’s agent. On his jersey, he wears the number 8, her old uniform number.

5 Responses to “Here’s to the female Walter Gretzky”

  1. 1 Scott

    7! 8! 9!

  2. Against my better judgment, I’ve got you up on my blog for a Thinking Blogger award, if you’re interested.

  3. 3 Scott

    I don’t even have a blog! 10! 11! 12!

  4. Yes, I saw that! Thanks for the honour. Owing to my currently dire computer situation, it may be a little time before I can come up with a thoughtful response, but I definitely plan to.

    By the way, having to look at the internet at the local library has taught me to approach your blog with a little apprehension due to the occasional NSFW (I’d say NSFL, but that sounds like a low-tier football league, possibly one based in Nova Scotia) material contained therein. I still risk it, though.

  5. I understand that. I have a friend who complains that he can’t look at my blog at work but really wants to. Usually the result of such complaining is putting more nudity on my blog. You just never know when it’s coming at you!

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