Guess who’s back in circulation?


Our long national nightmare is over: My computer works again.

No more using the library computer terminals and using my copious free time to rediscover my love of reading. (In the last few days, I’ve been devouring the detective fiction of Robert B. Parker, and I’ve noticed not only that he has Spenser shoot at least one guy per book even if it’s irrelevant to the plot, but also that each novel includes at least one chapter that’s nothing more than a thinly disguised recipe for a tasty meal. It’s like he’s writing a cookbook one hard-boiled detective tale at a time.)

Anyway, I have a few kinks to work out, but I’m back. Thank God. Or, rather, thanks to the guy at the computer store around the corner, who diagnosed the problem (bad RAM, it seems), and my older sister, who sent me the software I needed to get back up and running again. I love you, sis! I love you, computer guy!

5 Responses to “Guess who’s back in circulation?”

  1. 1 Jenn

    Your welcome. I hope you have fun with the extras.

  2. 2 Computer Guy

    “I love you, computer guy!”

    Oh, Peter! I’ve been waiting to hear you say those words for so long…

  3. 3 hilly

    Peter Lynn and Computer Guy, up in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

  4. 4 MC

    I’m sorry to tell you this Peter, but the computer guy doesn’t love you back… he is only in it for the money.

  5. 5 Matt

    And he’s only in the money for the “World of Warcraft” expansion sets. It’s the same old story.

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