In the eye of a shiticane


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Here’s an interesting development: When the mockumentary television series Trailer Park Boys returned recently for its seventh season, it did so without two of its long-running (and long-suffering) supporting characters, the inseparable idiots Cory and Trevor. Michael “Trevor” Jackson had chosen to leave the show, and as the duo were a bit of a package deal, Cory “Cory” Bowles left too. The explanation given for the absence of the characters within the storyline is that they’d been so emotionally abused by the lead characters that they’d had to check into a psychiatric hospital.

The real-life story is a little more interesting. Michael Jackson explained his reasons for leaving on his Myspace page, and it got cross-posted on a Trailer Park Boys message board. (With allegations of low pay and increasing standoffishness and dialogue swiping on the part of the main stars, his grievances strikingly resemble those of a second-tier cast member of the original Star Trek.) Now, it’s turned into a flame war as the other cast members respond with message-board posts of their own. Cory Bowles chips in here and there, and Sarah “Sarah” Dunsworth has weighed in with her viewpoint. But it’s started to get really juicy now that a couple of the main targets of Michael Jackson’s animosity, series stars John Paul “Julian” Tremblay and Mike “Bubbles” Smith, have fired back with both barrels.

It makes for interesting reading. The most surprising revelation has got to be Mike Smith’s claim that the late James Brown visited the set while on tour in Halifax and anointed Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenburg the actual hardest working man in show business. But aside from that, what we have here is the airing of dirty laundry in a good old-fashioned flame war. As Michael Jackson himself says, “How many shows get to watch ‘the stars’ fight with each other on the internet? This is incredible.”

Update: These forum threads used to be viewable without an account, but not anymore. In fact, it now seems they’ve been deleted altogether. And I see that Michael Jackson has apologized and edited his Myspace entry. Somebody’s cracked down. I smell lawsuit.

3 Responses to “In the eye of a shiticane”

  1. 1 Adrian

    hey man, im just wondering do u have a saved page, or print out of the tpb shiticane argument that used to be on their website? im wondering was sarah dunsworth and cory bowels in agreement with jackson?

    cheers man

    • 2 Peter Lynn

      I wish I’d thought to save that. If I’d only known it would all be deleted, I’d have grabbed it. I wonder if there’s an archive or snapshot of that anywhere.

  2. 3 John Breuger

    Hi there,
    I’ve been searching for a long time for transcripts of these discussions and have never come close…Since you’ve read them can you give any sort of detail of what you remember? I’d love to hear a little more about, especially Sarah’s take on the matter.

    Thanks man

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