His comeback should have involved a metaphor about driving the last spike


We had an old friend of the club drop by our fencing practice tonight. He’s Chinese, and he’s always the first to bust out the stereotypical ching-chong-wing-wong voices for a cheap gag. (I mention this just to set the context as not being particularly politically correct.) After practice, we went out for a drink, and he was nice enough to carry a heavy equipment bag for one of the girls, which didn’t stop her from barking at him to hurry up.

“Man, she’s making me her slave,” he said.

“I thought the word was ‘coolie’,” I said.

“Oh yeah.”

“What is it with these girls from British Columbia anyway?” I asked. “Next thing you know, she’s going to have you blasting through a mountain with dynamite for her.”

On cue, she wheeled around. “Build me a railroad, bitch!”

The most notable piece of dialogue to take place afterward was this:

Girl: Oh, Claire Voight? I know her!
Me: You know a clairvoyant?
Girl: [flips me the middle finger]
Me: I could not have predicted that.

3 Responses to “His comeback should have involved a metaphor about driving the last spike”

  1. 1 Gloria

    I’m going to think of this next time I see the Heritage ad about BC railroads.

  2. 2 MC

    “Build me a railroad, bitch!” is destined to become a catchphrase somewhere soon.

  3. Too funny – it took me a minute to get the railroad/spike connection – apparently I haven’t been listening to enough Genesis. JP

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