Captain Brockville and the Tincap Kid


As a born, bred, and long-fled resident of the quiet community of Brockville, Ontario&#8212or, as we natives call it, Brockvegas&#8212I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a link to these videos on Stillepost, which chronicle the adventures of the small-town superhero Captain Brockville and his sidekick, the Tincap Kid. (Tincap is a small hamlet north of Brockville.)

At the very least, I can enjoy it as a travelogue containing some familiar sights around town. For instance, see that lighthouse at the beginning of the second video? My dad installed that as part of his job with the Coast Guard. See that pub called the Isaac Brock just under two minutes into the first one? My friend Andrew used to spend so much time in that bar that he had his mail delivered there. See the Batman-style sound effect card that reads TEKAMP! during the parking-lot fight scene? That’s clearly a reference to former mayor Ben TeKamp; I went to school with his kids, Mark and Robin.

Captain Brockville – Power Center Patron

Captain Brockville vs Swiss Chalet Senior

3 Responses to “Captain Brockville and the Tincap Kid”

  1. 1 John M

    Just an FYI – The Issac Brock closed down couple of years ago..Was just recently re-opened as (what we used to call it anyway) ‘The Brock’. The Youth will take back our city!!! (Also noticed the Captains cape is our city’s flag.. cool…)

  2. I missed that, though I noticed he was wearing the colours of the flag.

  3. 3 Jess d.

    These were part of Brockvegas’s late night talk show “The Chris Walker Show” which aired the summer of 2005. It was amazing and sad that they only did it one summer.

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