Stupid computer


First the good news: A certain “Kate” who left a comment to my “Why I Hate Mike Love” post has tipped me off to a new edit to Wikipedia’s entry on Mike Love. The References to Mike Love in Popular Culture section now contains the following:

Blogger Peter Lynn of Man vs. Clown [1] has an unhealthy dislike of Mike Love [2]

You see that, Mike Love? It’s out there for the whole world to see now. Before, all you had to do was avoid this blog (easily done, judging from the latest Statcounter and Technorati results) and you wouldn’t have to read about my undying animosity toward you. Now you can’t even go to your own Wikipedia page. Unless you edit it. Which I expect you’ll do shortly. Or if not you, someone else with a healthy regard for Wikipedia’s policies. In that case, could you also please fix the spelling of the “Miscellaneous” section’s subtitle? It currently reads –ious, which is wrong. Thanks.

And now the bad news: Shortly after I posted the previous entry, I heard a loud bang and everything went dark. Fortunately, it’s not because Mike Love sent his goon cousin Stan and henchman Rocky Pamplin over to my house to put a bullet in me and shut me up. Rather, it was a transformer blowing up outside my house, knocking out power to the whole neighborhood.

When the power came back on, I tried to power up my computer, only to find that I again have the same problem as I did the last time the power went out and killed my computer stone dead. So, once again, I’m posting from the library like a homeless man, and after dropping a hundred bucks on a diagnostic and new RAM, I’m thinking that the old RAM might not have been bad after all, but the diagnostic certainly was.

I think it’s probably time to start from scratch with a new system (not to mention a better surge protector). It’s probably also time to rediscover my love of reading, have fun and exercise by rollerblading, get some sun, start going to bed at a normal time again, and reconnect with old friends over the next few days until I get the situation sorted out.

Stupid computer.

Update: Hmm. I’m not totally sure why, but I found that if I just disconnected my secondary hard drive, I could boot to BIOS, fix the clock speed (which had been knocked out of whack), and then boot to Windows just fine. If I then try to reconnect my secondary drive, it stops working again. I’m not sure what the issue is here. It’s just a secondary slave drive, not the master boot drive. But I’m back online, anyway. And it’s a good thing, too. When I went to the library today, I got stuck sitting at a computer next to this immensely fat man who typed with the hunt-and-peck method, and I got distracted and let precious minutes of my booked time tick away while I sat there wondering whether he didn’t know how to touch type or simply couldn’t because his fingers were too fat.

4 Responses to “Stupid computer”

  1. 1 Kate

    It’s the least I could do… your archives fill my meaningless mind numbingly long days with some humor 🙂

    I’m also curious to see how long it stays on there…

  2. 2 Joe Red

    “Rather, it was a transformer blowing up outside my house, knocking out power to the whole neighborhood.”

    Damn Decepticons.

  3. 3 Matt

    I’m impressed that it’s still up there. I once killed a little time at work by editing the entry on bears to say that if you ever mess with a bear, then that bear will straight up kill you. Within fifteen minutes, it was gone and I was chastised.

    Which I think is unfair, because a bear probably really would kill you if you messed with it.

  4. Matt, I agree with you. More importantly, so does Stephen Colbert. You know his feelings on both bears and wikiality, and I think he’d be proud of you.

    I note that my mention in the Mike Love entry has vanished, but if you check though the previous versions of the page, my dislike of Mike Love has been changed from “unhealthy” to “very natural and astute” and then to “rational and sapient”.

    You know what would be an even better thing to do to the Mike Love Wikipedia entry, though? Just add all the bad stuff about him. Stay within Wikipedia guidelines: Stay away from POV, and use proper sources (e.g., books, not blogs such as this one). Damn him with the incontrovertible truth.

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