The Best (And Worst) Star Trek Movies of All Time


Nerd alert: When my poor, aged mother wonders why her only son is still unmarried, I say she has only herself to blame for feeding my Star Trek fandom as a child. Now I’ve achieved far too high a degree of poindexterity for regular women to even think of touching me, but that’s just fine because I’m holding out for a green-skinned Orion slave girl. The bright side is that I’m at least reasonably qualified to judge the merits of the various films of the Star Trek franchise. And so I have, in a new article up on the main page of Cracked called The Best (And Worst) Star Trek Movies of All Time.

4 Responses to “The Best (And Worst) Star Trek Movies of All Time”

  1. Dude, don’t lower your standards — hold out for a metamorph. Anything less than The Perfect Mate is settling.

  2. 2 Josh

    favorite part – “Picard is pulled into it and meets up with Kirk, who’s been chopping wood and riding horses for the last 78 years.”

  3. 3 prhead

    “Poindexterity” would have been the best new word this year if you had spelled it right. NICE TRY.

  4. Damn. Spelling now corrected. In my defence, it was nearly six in the morning when I posted that, and I hadn’t been to bed yet.

    Also, expect my quality control to dip considerably in the next few days while I rush to bang out whatever I can within the confines of a 30-minute library computer booking.

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