Bus fight!


An old school chum of mine recently posted a list of games she’s made up to amuse herself in public. (And if you’ll look closely, I’m swiping my comment from her post for this entry. That’s one of the ways I amuse myself.) Her little games reminded me of one of the coping mechanisms I used to make up to deal with public transit.

I used to take the same bus every day, and I began to just hate the other people on the bus for no reason — just that they were always there. You just get sick of seeing the same faces every day, particularly when they’re associated with a long, unpleasant trip to a place you hate.

But then, I thought, “What if another bus pulled up beside us, and five random guys on it wanted to fight my bus? Which four guys would I pick to help me defend the bus?” (I never considered that I was any less than the fifth-toughest guy on the bus, for some reason.) I’d look around and think, “Well, that guy’s pretty huge. That wiry one looks fast and devious. That Asian guy might have some martial arts up his sleeve. And that other guy looks like he’s high on crank and feeling no pain right now.”

By the time I picked my Dream Team, I looked at those guys differently. They were my elite fighting force now. It was like we were on the same side. It was like they were my comrades in arms. Except they didn’t know that — just me.

In summary, I guess I think amusing yourself is pretty important. Oh, and if any of you used to take the Mississauga Transit #57 bus a couple of years ago, and some random guy ever pounded his fist over his heart twice and nodded knowingly to you for no apparent reason, that was probably me, and that was probably why.

6 Responses to “Bus fight!”

  1. 1 Mike

    My favourite subway game is replacing one word in any ad with “ass”. Mildly amusing during the commute, hilarious when drunk.

  2. 2 Chris

    My favorite subway game is driving my car and not taking the subway at all. Jerk!

  3. 3 David

    My old favourite bus game came about when i used to get the first bus of the day every day to work-
    it was the same 20 people on at the first few stops every day… and i began to imagine what crimes they may have committed-
    These ranged from ‘Kleptomaniac Woman’ to ‘Potiential Drink-Spiker’ [one really greasy lookin’ b*st*rd… trust me… he had that look about him]-
    I think this warped my view of these people forever… since i’m now convinced that they actually did commit some of the crimes i imagined-

  4. My friend in high school and I used to play this game, except it was about each other and what our probable futures would be. For example, my friend Andrew was forcast as a future “food tamperer”. I was judged to be a “violent sexual predator”.

  5. 5 Callum

    See, once you mentioned Mississauga it brought to mind some incident that still has me laughing now.

    I’m a Scot who’s worked in Canada a few times, and after a trip back in 03′ I was speaking to a casual aquaintance of mine back home. She was talking about all the Scots emigrant family she has scattered all over Ont. Usual places, i.e Scarborough, Hamilton, Windsor ect, and I casually mentioned i’d stayed in Mississauga. Her reply was a simple “oh!” and she became strangely morose. Then she said barely audibly;

    “I knew a skank from Mississauga once.”
    I laughed until I cried and the poor girl shambled away awkwardly.

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