Things I shouldn’t have said #22

  • “Your brother’s a ballroom dancing instructor? That is a gay profession. He might as well be a gloryhole installer.”
  • “This game where you throw the stick man down the stairs is fun, but it’d be better if it were a pregnant woman.”
  • “That’s my best idea for a game modification since I thought up the Montreal Massacre mod for Doom.”

8 Responses to “Things I shouldn’t have said #22”

  1. 1 Scott

    503 is my best on stair dude. It might be one of those things that you end up wasting way too much time on.

  2. Ha! Got you beat by five points! 508, sucker!

    You’re the only other person I know who’s broken 500, though. Well done.

  3. 3 Scott

    554! It’s getting a lot harder to drive this number up.

  4. Why am I not surprised you’ve beaten my high score? You’ve always been the best at this kind of thing.

    What’s your technique? I’ve been dragging the guy my head way up offscreen and then smashing him down headfirst near the top of the stairs?

  5. 5 Scott

    That’s basically my technique. I fooled around a bit with arms and legs and little twirlies before the smashing down part to some success. I don’t even remember for sure which got me the 554. Just now I got 558 with a head, way up, counter-clockwise, race down to the third stair from the top type of move. What’s your current high score?

  6. 6 jon

    ok they totally stole that concept from porrasturvat which came out several years ago and is in this new fangled three dee

  7. I just got up to 534. But I had a dream last night that I got around 1100. The guy was bouncing around like a pinball.

  8. 8 Scott

    Wow! I haven’t had a dream about a video game since tetris. It must have really worked its way into your psyche.

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