Pole jokes


I’ve made a couple of odd discoveries in my neighborhood lately. I was walking home after a few drinks a few days ago, and I passed by this street corner that I pass almost every single time I leave my house. Except this time, I looked up just a little above eye level (which isn’t that high for me), and I saw a camera screwed into a telephone pole. I don’t mean a video camera to keep the area under surveillance. It was just an old point-and-shoot instamatic screwed to the pole for no apparent reason. Already feeling a little hazy, I was totally confused by this. I stood and looked at it for a while. I poked my finger up where the now-missing lens used to me. How long has it been there? I have no idea.

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I’ve since been told that some people just like to nail things to posts for fun or as a kind of artistic statement. I don’t understand it. But I instantly understood this other thing I recently spotted. On the stop sign immediately outside my house, beneath the word “STOP”, someone has scrawled “HAMMER TIME!!”

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This, I get. When a motorist approaches, he or she is obliged to get out of his or her car and shuffle back and forth in a giant pair of gold parachute pants. It totally makes sense.

(Photo credit: My pal Tyler)

12 Responses to “Pole jokes”

  1. 1 MC

    I think someone was watching to see if someone would fingerbang their ancient dead camera… perhaps you are now on a watch list for your deviant behavior.

  2. I placed that camera there to see if anybody will blog about it. Now I know where you live.

  3. This is an all way stop. Do the other stops all have “Hammer Time”. Or is there “Nap Time”, “Half-time” (maybe with a high school band) and Tee-time(just nine holes)?

  4. 4 Kate

    The mentally retarded girl that lives around the corner from me always staples things she likes to the telephone pole. magazine cut outs, creepy collages, barbies missing heads, letters to barney, rag dolls… It was always fun to meet at the pole every night to see what she left.

  5. 5 Candace

    I wanna see that pole!!!

  6. 7 PGM

    I saw the subject ‘Pole jokes’ and clicked, eagerly expecting a list of traits that make the Polish such laughable figures.

    Describe how I felt?


  7. 8 Kate

    The other people probably have to collaborate and listen.

  8. 9 malcolm

    the sign is in milwaukee by the park.

  9. 10 Kitty

    Pet, have you seen this? – http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/90s_flowchart.png – it makes me laugh every time.

  10. 11 Kitty

    PS I also meant to say that my brother has quite a few gun-metal grey painted tupperware boxes mounted on lampposts around London. He uses them as stash boxes, to store snacks and treats and useful things for when he’s cycling around town.

  11. 12 Kendal

    The Stop sign at the end of my current street says “STOP in the name of love”

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