Benoit family dead


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHoly shit.

I don’t follow wrestling like I used to. While a lot of wrestlers have died way too young, it was Eddy Guerrero’s passing and the extreme poor taste of the storylines that capitalized on his death that really left a bad taste in my mouth. But I’ve still kept an eye on the business, and I read just last night that Guerrero’s old friend Chris Benoit had flown home to Atlanta to deal with a family issue, forcing the rebooking of the Vengeance pay-per-view, where Benoit was likely to win the vacant ECW championship.

But I was stunned to read this on the Wrestling Observer website a few minutes ago:

Benoit family found dead

The WWE just told its talent and released on its web site that Chris Benoit was found dead by Atlanta police.

Benoit, wife Nancy aka Woman and son Daniel were all found dead. We have no other details at this moment. It is believed that Chris Benoit’s two other children were in Canada.

All plans for Raw tonight have been scrapped and they will do a show on the life of Benoit.

That’s insane. I remembered immediately about him flying home to deal with the family issue. But I had no idea that the family issue involved dying in a murder-suicide, I thought. According to Benoit’s Wikipedia page, the family evidently wasn’t shot to death. And apparently Benoit called the WWE to say his family was ill and spitting up blood. Neither of those things means it wasn’t a murder-suicide, nor do they mean that it was. But it looks awfully suspicious. Maybe they all got sick and died. Maybe they didn’t. Whatever the case, it’s definitely terrible.

My second thought was that they were probably murdered by former wrestler/booker Kevin Sullivan, Nancy’s ex-husband before Benoit stole her away in a storyline that turned real. That’s probably not the case, but I’d be asking him about his whereabouts if I were Atlanta police.

Of all the wrestling deaths in my lifetime&#8212and that’s way too many&#8212this sounds like it could turn out to be easily the most sordid. He was one of the best. But even if he weren’t, it’d still be a shame.

(Thanks to my nephew, who posted a comment to tip me off about this even as I was typing this.)

Update: The Associated Press reports that investigators indeed believe that Benoit killed his wife and son, and then himself. However, my old housemate Jason advances the theory that it was really a mob hit, made to look like a murder-suicide. And if so, I say it might just be the same mobsters who gunned down fellow Canadian wrestler Dino Bravo in his living room, owing to a dispute surrounding his involvement in a cigarette smuggling ring.

I’d like to think that. If Benoit did it, not only am I crossing him off my “Alive Wrestlers” list, but he’s off my list of favorites too. The fucker probably beat or choked his wife and son to death; stood over their fallen bodies, fired a snot rocket at them, and made his trademark thumb-across-the-throat gesture; then checked out via an overdose of alcohol and painkillers, a traditional exit for pro wrestlers. That said, whenever he used to give the flying headbutt, he seemed to connect just solidly enough to put himself in a world of pain along with his victim, so a fully connecting flying headbutt could very conceivably result in a murder-suicide. We should have seen it coming.

5 Responses to “Benoit family dead”

  1. 1 Scott

    I got your message about this, Pete. Pretty crazy. I can always assume that when I get a message on the phone from you saying “did you hear about _____?” that they’re not going to be in great shape.

  2. 2 Candyass

    I always feel a sense of accomplishment when crossing something off a list… but that’s v. sad.
    Their poor families.

  3. 3 CC

    Kevin Sullivan and Benoit hated each other for more reasons than the angle that turned real. Benoit was frustrated in WCW with Sullivan because he wouldn’t take him seriously and properly utilize him, and Sullivan hated Benoit because he just wouldn’t fall into line and do as he was told.

    Even if Sullivan (or anyone else) is innocent of murder I really don’t want to come to the realisation that one of my former idols may have killed his family and himself.

  4. 4 MW

    This theory hasn’t really been thrown out there, but I wonder if this might be an instance of a mercy killing? If his wife and kid were spitting up blood, maybe he simply put them out of their misery.

  5. 5 Oberst

    Just a thought fellas, but in this big rush to judgement in a situation we really have little information about, I think we are missing a very plausible possibility. I’ve never been a huge wrestling fan, but I have a pretty good eye when it comes to crimes.

    Is it not possible that when Chris had to rush home for an emergency, he found himself already at a crime scene? It is not easy for guys who get paid tons of money to be the main tv attraction to just leave unless something serious was goinmg down. For example, lets say his wife said she was freaking out over something and was going to kill herself if Chris didn’t rush home or maybe somebody had threatened her in regards to Chris. Chris tries to calm her down, but immediately catches a plane home. When he arrives he finds his wife and son dead. They could have been killed in the roughly 12 hour window or so between the call and when he arrived and as the police have already shown, they were killed on Sunday, Chris did not off himself until Monday. Now, most people would call the police and later depression might cause suicide, but who knows what some people might do when presented with extreme trauma. Also, if it was a hit designed to punish Chris Benoit, then maybe he realized he had no legal recource and he offed himself in grief and fear. Just a thought, but killing a wife in an argument happens. Killing a 7 year old son when you are a big bear of a man, strikes me of some form of psychosis. Well just a thought. If I’m right you’ll know I continue to be a genius. Los

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