Things I shouldn’t have said #24


[22:49] Ruddy Ruddy: There’s a guy in my fencing club named Zurab, nicknamed Zubie.
[22:50] Candace: zubie is cute for a dog
[22:50] Candace: my first korean word was pabo
[22:50] Ruddy Ruddy: Pabo is dog?
[22:50] Candace: the kids kept saying it over and over to each other
[22:50] Candace: pabo means retard
[22:50] Candace: but if I ever get a dog, I’m naming it pabo
[22:50] Ruddy Ruddy: Even better. It’s a great name for a dog.
[22:51] Candace: esp if it’s funny looking – like a pug
[22:51] Candace: I’ll be the only one to know what it means – I won’t take it walking near Christie station
[22:51] Ruddy Ruddy: You shouldn’t take your dog walking near Christie station because you don’t want the locals to eat it.
[22:52] Candace: please put that on your next things you shouldn’t have said list!!!!
[22:52] Ruddy Ruddy: Oh, when you eventually adopt, you can name the baby Pabo. Especially if it’s Korean and you want to drive home the message that it’s not as good as your biological children.
[22:52] Candace: and that!!!
[22:53] Ruddy Ruddy: Done.

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