Happy birthday, masked librarians!


Today is the birthday of honoured Beta Flight member Mike “The Math Librarian” Martelle. Coincidentally, it’s also the birthday of El Bibliotecario Enmascarado, with whom the Math Librarian has had a close but mysterious relationship for some time. On the one hand, much as Clark Kent was the only one who could reliably contact Superman, the Math Librarian clearly has red-telephone access to the enigmatic luchador, who has even occasionally filled in to substitute-teach the former’s martial-arts classes when he was unable to do so himself. But on the other hand, the Math Librarian’s inflammatory comments toward El Bibliotecario Enmascarado’s hometown of Tijuana, Mexico, and his disrespectful behaviour in front of fellow luchador Rey Misterio Jr. have clearly laid the basis for an eventual showdown between the two.

I have a particular story of a recent incident involving Mike that I’d like to share, but I can’t do it justice until I refresh myself on some of the details. Until then, why not have a look at some fine Math Librarian and El Bibliotecario Enmascarado merchandise at the Grizzly Gym Cafepress shop?

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