Welcome to the D-list, Sofi!


I told her to tell Perez Hilton he looks like Frankenstein’s monster really let himself get fat. And then she was to punch him in the face and yell, “Peter Lynn sent that!” I quite explicitly told my friend and fellow Golden Words alumna* Sofi Papamarko to do that, and yet, it appears she neglected to do so. I have heard no news stories about her knocking him to the ground with a haymaker, snapping a photo of him as he lay there semi-conscious, and then later using Microsoft Paint to graffiti semen dripping from his gaping mouth. (I did not actually tell Sofi to do this, but any reasonable person would have known to.)

Yet, I am still very proud of our little Sofi, because she recently made her debut as a panelist on Muchmoremusic’s Listed alongside the aforementioned oleaginous gossip and a hack comic or two. I know these pop-culture retrospectives are usually all “Remember the ’90s? LOL! What were we thinking?! To have existed in a decade previous to this one is so stupid!” But Sofi, who has steadily built a career for herself as a music writer, was actually there as the resident music expert. You can tell this from the Nancy Sinatra shirt she’s wearing in the highlight video below, a subtle tribute to Sinatra’s late collaborator Lee Hazelwood. And from the fact that she doesn’t sound like a braying moron.

Congratulations, Sofi! You have officially reached the rank of D-list cable-television celebrity! That’s one rung above Internet-famous!

*I’m having grammar-related angst: Should I have said “alumnus” here? Sofi’s a girl, so she should be an alumna, not an alumnus. But can she actually be my fellow alumna? I’m not a girl; thus, I’m an alumnus. I’ve never figured out the answer to this. I’m supposed to know these things. Anyway, Sofi and I both wrote for GW.

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