Everybody loves Peter Lynn!


Yes, I know my comments are still broken. Believe me, I miss being harangued by you nearly as much as you miss telling me off anonymously via the internet. However, I do have a new alternative venue for feedback, if you should feel so inclined.

After I made the demonstrably untrue claim “Everybody loves Peter Lynn!” yesterday, my friend Jo suggested I should make a Facebook group named that. Why not? I thought. After all, Mike “The Math Librarian” Martelle has a group called Mike Martelle is just terrific, a French-language version of that group called Mike – Ca C’est Incroyable!, and a group dedicated to ferreting out the so-called friend who turned down his invitation to join one of the aforementioned groups called Someone Mike Martelle Knows is a Traitorous Knave!!!!!!!!! Since I’m about a third as lovable as the Math Librarian, one self-promoting Facebook group couldn’t be unreasonable. Plus, I’d hate to suggest that Jo’s ideas are bad. She has a temper.

So I created the Everybody loves Peter Lynn! Facebook group. Feel free to drop by and tell me how untrue that actually is. That means you, Mom!

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