A Rolling Stone gathers no intelligence


Here’s a story about Brain-Damaged Toula dating from around the time of SARS-stock that I forgot to post for about four years. Sorry about that.

Toula [entering living room]: There’s a show about the Rolling Stones on channel 40.

Me: The Rolling Stones are on every channel. We just finished watching an hour-long show about them.

Toula: What was it about?

Me: The Rolling Stones.

Toula: The Rolling Stones?

Shanel: It was a Rolling Stones bio.

Toula: A Rolling Stones biography?

Me: No, a Rolling Stones biosphere. They all agreed to live under a glass dome in a self-contained ecological system for a year.

Toula: They did?

Me: I’m going to go watch TV in my room.

2 Responses to “A Rolling Stone gathers no intelligence”

  1. 1 Candace

    You are so gonna get evicted!

  2. 2 Pearl

    “Are you serious, Clark?”

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