“Crazy Horses” — The Osmonds


Hey, Mark Vidler — aka Go Home Productions — is retiring from the mash-up game, but as a parting gift, he’s making his entire back catalogue available. Check out his site and grab everything you can.

It’s a GHP mash-up called “Baby’s Got a Crazy Horse” that leads me to post this. It’s an improbable combination of The Prodigy’s “Baby’s Got a Temper” and The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses”. I’d always attributed all the good bits to the Prodigy. But I was wrong.

I vaguely remember Donny and Marie Osmond’s variety show, which went off the air when I was five years old. What I didn’t remember was that these Mormons somehow rocked. Not only is there a screeching, psychedelic synthesizer line, a monstrous guitar riff worthy of the MC5, and a brass section bringing the funk, but Jay Osmond’s up front doing the funky chicken and waving his hands in the air like he just doesn’t care. This shit is insane. Who knew the Osmonds were so awesome?

5 Responses to ““Crazy Horses” — The Osmonds”

  1. 1 Steve Ely

    Wow. Not me. I’m stunned and enthralled. I never would have wanted to consider myself an Osmonds fan, but I’m afraid now I have no choice.

  2. 2 Annie

    I’ve known the Osmonds were AWESOME for 38 years now. Have you seen Donny’s version on his LIVE DVD? Now that’s really awesome!

  3. 3 Candace

    I need to pay better attention. I thought they were singing “Crazy Awesome” all this time.

    I like their little outfits and kicky dos. Why don’t bands make an effort to wear matching costumes anymore?

  1. 1 music » Crazy Horses — The Osmonds "these Mormons somehow rocked….Who knew the Osmonds were so awesome?"
  2. 2 “Hair” — The Cowsills « Man vs. Clown!

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