The hard part is impersonating the spicy peanut satay sauce


The last we saw of my friend and former co-worker Barry, he was attempting without success to bring down the well-mannered wrath of the International Guild of Professional Butlers upon me. It seems, from a recent message, that he’s gone from attempting to sow discord among household helpers to sowing discord as a household helper himself:

I also tutor kids on the side for extra $$ and one client is a 14 year old Thai kid who knows little to no English … anyways, when I was over at his place tonight, I noticed his Catholic school had sent home a talent competition sign-up. Being helpful, I filled out his application for him while he wasn’t looking. He will be performing the following act: “I imitate a chick. I do its various moods (angry, despondent, exuberant, fearful, hungry, apathetic).” By way of illustration, I then attached a scrawled sketch of chicken he once made (months ago) whilst he tried to communicate with me (he uses drawings, like the cavemen of Lascaux). I helpully asked his parents to sign it and give it in for him.

I am a good tutor.

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