Ala peanut butter sandwiches!


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[17:52] Peter: Ah, Bruce Vilanch. My least favorite fantasy is him and Harry Knowles covered in peanut butter and giving double penetration to Rosie O’Donnell.
[17:53] Susan: now why, WHY, WHYYYYY would you say that to a girl?
[17:53] Susan: my brain just left on vacation
[17:53] Susan: it refuses to go near that one
[17:54] Peter: It will come in handy if you’re ever attacked by a rapist. Just blurt that out quickly and he’ll completely lose all sexual desire.
[17:55] Susan: then I’ll quickly knee him in the balls, and he’ll probably thank me for doing it, to take his mind off that image
[17:57] Peter: See? Everyone’s a winner. You get to knee someone in the balls, the rapist gets to rid himself of a horrible image, Bruce Vilanch, Harry Knowles, and Rosie O’Donnell get to get their freak on, and, judging by the surface area that would need covering, Skippy Peanut Butter gets to enjoy record sales.
[17:59] Susan: aaauuuugh… I need to wash my brain out with soap

11 Responses to “Ala peanut butter sandwiches!”

  1. 1 Kitty

    Pet, I’d never heard of any of these people before, so I looked them all up on google images. Thanks. A lot.

  2. 2 Peter Lynn

    Just for you, Kitty, I made a photo illustration of that delicious sandwich and added it to the post. The name of the file is “horrible collage.jpg”.

  3. 3 hilly

    Oh. Oh, God. I need one of Lovecraft’s Elder Gods to come and destroy all of existence, for I can no longer bear to live after this.

  4. My Trash Collector: “Hey, we found these genitals in your trash. Are you sure you don’t want them?”

    Me: “No, just take them away. I don’t need them anymore.”

  5. Also, and the only reason I’m pointing this out is because you’re an even bigger grammatical stickler than I am, but a least favourite fantasy is still a fantasy.

    So basically, what’s wrong with you?

  6. 6 Eric

    Matt’s got a good point there.

  7. 7 Peter Lynn

    Well, I at least like peanut butter, all right?

  8. Satan!

  9. 9 Eric

    I think the only way to top this is to throw a hermaphroditic Carrot Top into the fray.

  10. A hermaphroditic Carrot Top holding a zuchinni and a jar of mayonnaise.

  11. 11 Ross

    You could cut crime rates in half if you proposed that repeat offenders have the image of that particular threesome manditorily tattooed on their chest.

    Or else are confronted by a large, beefy shirtless man with the image of said threesome tattooed on his chest.

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