The world’s most dangerous math librarian


Fresh off the presses, I got the latest issue of the Queen’s Alumni Review in my mailbox today. (That wasn’t a dangling modifier; I don’t know what I was doing on the presses, and they were right to make me get off them before I got hurt.)

I opened it up, and lo, there was a profile on my lifelong pal and fellow alumnus Mike “The Math Librarian” Martelle, detailing his victory over Japanese champion Takada Endo in the SAW: Global Tournament 2007 in Tokyo last October, which I really should have posted about much earlier. The online version of the article isn’t up yet is now posted here but the website is a little unreliable, so, just to keep with the theme of getting hurt, let me just quote the best part:

The three-round bout ended one minute into the second round. Mike pinned his opponent when he applied a shoulder lock, a hold in which the opponent’s arm is bent back at an angle to which it’s not meant to bend. “He wouldn’t quit, and so I kept exerting gradual pressure until I heard a tearing sound. At first, I thought it was his gi [a martial arts robe] ripping, but unfortunately, it was his shoulder. At that point, the referee jumped in and stopped the fight,” Mike recalls.

That actually sounds like a submission, not a pinfall, and other sources say it was a top wristlock, but close enough. And a gi is a suit rather than a robe. (By the way, I believe Mike claimed Endo’s gi as a trophy after beating him up, as well as a “big-ass” championship belt.)

What a glorious victory for Beta Flight! Congratulations to SAW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Martelle. Here’s a photo of Mike forever destroying a Japanese man’s ability to throw a baseball back and forth with his son:


2 Responses to “The world’s most dangerous math librarian”

  1. 1 Ken

    Canadians are so crazy.

  2. That must be what my grandpa was referring to when he would say “the new math”.

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