Serial Killer Used Car Dealership


I’m in Hong Kong, where I’ll be visiting Candace for the next five weeks. During my trip over here, three things gave me a severe jolt. The first was tripping over a low table in the departure lounge in the Toronto airport. (“Ow,” I said with quiet dignity, staring a concerned bystander in the eye. “Ow,” I said again, turning and fixing my gaze upon another bystander. “Ow,” I said a third time, pulling up my pantleg to reveal a heavily bruised and scraped shin that looked like the cover photo of an issue of Fangoria.) The second was the drop of water that landed on my head as I walked down the aisle of the airplane just before landing; a leaky roof didn’t seem to bode well in terms of maintaining cabin pressure, though I realize now that it was quite likely just something to do with the air conditioning.

And the third was this passage on page 190 of Christopher Moore’s You Suck, which I finally got around to reading on the plane after receiving it twice as a gift:

With the exception of the odd serial killer, and car salesmen who think of them as the perfect unit for measuring trunk space, nobody likes a dead whore. (“Yeah, you can fit five-maybe six dead hookers in this baby.”)

I actually jumped out of my seat and babbled incoherently to the bemused Chinese guy next to me when I read this. I won’t imply anything here other than that Moore and I have strikingly similar senses of humour, but this premise is strangely identical to that of this comic that I drew several years ago called Serial Killer Used Car Dealership. Odd.

One Response to “Serial Killer Used Car Dealership”

  1. 1 B

    The car salesman’s eyes make him look exponentially more psychotic than the serial killer! Quite the enthusiastic fellow.

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