Let’s go to Bill’s Sticky Fingers for dinner!


Next to Maxime Talbot’s “superstars, like me!” commercial, my favorite commercial for the last few months has been this one for a restaurant called Bill’s Sticky Fingers in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. I only see it if I’m up late at night watching a CITY-TV feed from out west, and when I do, the sheer excitement of it keeps me awake for another few hours until the adrenaline wears off.

Why do I love it? Because while my Google powers reveal that it actually got an honourable mention in the TVB Retail Commercial Awards, it’s simply the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s so cheap. The lady in it so old. The kids are so fat. The dog-with-voiceover-having-a-fantasy sequence is ridiculous. And you can see the fat guy holding the door for the dog just standing there and feeling stupid and self-conscious that the camera is on him. Even the name of the restaurant is kind of disgusting. It’s fantastic. Every time I see it, I shout “Yes!” and pump my fist along with the fat kids.

I keep vowing to someday put this on YouTube, but to my delight, I discovered tonight that someone just did it a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe there’s no comments at YouTube as of this writing. And only 22 views. This deserves to be the next overnight internet sensation. Bill’s sales should go through the roof because people are laughing at his shitty commercial, with people making pilgrimages to Portage La Prairie just to enjoy delicious ribs ironically.

Every time I’ve seen it since last September, I’ve excitedly reported to my girlfriend over MSN that it’s on. Now that she’s finally seen the YouTube video, here’s the conversation we had:

[02:34] Candace: This does not make me feel good – to know that something this retarded does it for you. I didn’t have to try so hard.
[02:35] Peter: No, you really didn’t.
[02:35] Candace: *lets self go*
[02:36] Peter: Oh, perfect. Now that you’re fat, we can go to Bill’s Sticky Fingers for dinner.
[02:36] Candace: “Yessssss!”
[02:37] Peter: *fist pump*

And without further ado, here it is:

There’s such a hopeful tone in that poor dog’s voice at the end. They cut at the right time. He’s going to be so disappointed. They so obviously didn’t bring him any leftovers. As Candace points out, “By the look of it, those kids don’t leave any food behind.”

10 Responses to “Let’s go to Bill’s Sticky Fingers for dinner!”

  1. 1 Candace

    You left out the part where I admitted I was going to hell for that. At least we’ll be together!

  2. Oh God. That was… Oh dear God.

  3. 3 Funkula

    At your behest, I have commented on it. In my opinion, the lack of comments was not as odd as the fact that no one had rated it yet. I’ll go share this elsewhere and try to make your dream come true.

  4. 4 Jim

    Bill’s sticky fingers has awesome food. Bill is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, and the restaurant is fun. This commercial is supposed to be fun. You really should try them sometime…

  5. That is certainly good to hear. I would have tried the place on the basis of the commercial alone, but it’s good to know there are other good qualities to recommend it. If I ever get out that way, I’ll definitely go.

  6. 6 Jim

    just so you know the dog commercial has been pulled. Apparently the dog died and the owners couldn’t bear to watch anymore. A new commercial is now making the rounds…

  7. 8 Peter Lynn

    That is the saddest thing I’ve heard all day. I hope he didn’t choke while eating ribs. At least we’ll always have YouTube.

  8. 9 Portager

    It’s true.. the commercials are terrible!!!!! But the food is SO good!!! When you walk in the door you won’t have high expectations for dinner…. the decor is “unassuming”.. but you will be happy you made the trip once your food arrives! Highly recommend the ribs & perogies dish! lol Love it!

  1. 1 Go Greyhound — and leave the beheading to us « Man vs. Clown!

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