The Crabbuckit came back


Here’s an odd bit of Canadiana that Candace just stumbled across: a video of children’s entertainer Fred Penner pointing out the musical similarities of three songs by performing a medley of his signature song, “The Cat Came Back”, with “Hit the Road, Jack” and hip-hop artist K-OS’s “Crabbuckit”. Who knew Fred Penner was so with it?

Speaking of critical evaluations, I actually used to use K-OS as a bit of a punchline because something about Canadian hip-hop just seems inherently lame. (I’m not sure if we’re appreciating Maestro Fresh-Wes ironically now or not, though I’m told he’s a bit of a lamewad.) But when I actually heard “Crabbuckit” I was forced to admit that I actually really liked it. Plus, he’s got one cool strut.

4 Responses to “The Crabbuckit came back”

  1. 1 Marlene

    I went to see Fred Penner a few years ago when I was working in a kindergarten class and he did the “Hit the Road, Jack” thing. That’s the first I heard “Crabbuckit”, though.

  2. 2 Marlene

    Also, when I’ve seen David Usher perform he’s done some mashing which is pretty cool. The one I remember is “Hey Mr. DJ” by Madonna, and “Hash Pipe” by Weezer.

  3. I seem to remember him doing Crabbuckit when I saw him live last year…

  4. 4 Jon Haynes

    I love how in Crabbuckit he wears the special shades and sees the crabs, just like Roddy Piper in They Live. I was just waiting for the “I am here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of bubble gum” line.

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