Congrats, Wings


Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings on winning the 2008 Stanley Cup. A great organization deserves its great reward.

Oh, congratulations also to CBC interviewer Scott Oake for being, once again, an incredible dipshit. He just interviewed Darren McCarty with his children and began with, “You’ve come a long way this year, from substance abuse to the Stanley Cup.” What, you couldn’t find a way to work in a mention of his gambling addiction and recent bankruptcy in front of his kids too? Classy work, Oake, you chump.

5 Responses to “Congrats, Wings”

  1. 1 Steve

    this just proves my theory that most sportscasters are prejudiced douchebags. here in the united states, we have two in particular. they both work for the fox network. one is named joe buck, who is a blatant boston red sox fan, and can’t help but show his own bias when announcing baseball games. the other is his partner in the broadcast booth when he’s calling football games, troy aikman. troy aikman is the dallas cowboys former quarterback, and should not be allowed to speak, as he is one of the dumbest color commentators in the history of sports. both are douche bags, both should be fired, along with your guy there.

  2. 2 London Rob

    I was pretty stunned when Scott Oake came out with that totally tactless remark…and in front of McCarty’s kids. It’s possible that those kids were not aware of their dad’s problems…until that ignorant question. How do we register a complaint?

  3. 3 Peter Lynn

    We write blog posts!

    By the way, I read this in a thread about Oake on the Hockey’s Future message board:

    “I’ll never forget, in the Grey Cup, the Argos beat the Lions, but, the Lions’ Jason Clermont won the Outstanding Canadian award for the game. So, Oake asks him: ‘Jason, is this a dream come true, winning the Outstanding Canadian in the Grey Cup game?’ Wow.”

  4. 4 Matt

    Pete, I bet if an old guy walked into a store you’d accuse him of being old.

  1. 1 Gullible night in Canada « Man vs. Clown!

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