I see London, I see France


As if it weren’t disconcerting enough to be woken yesterday by my housemate calling my name through my window because she’d forgotten her keys and needed to be let in, her father gave me an even worse scare.

Her elderly father — my landlord — lives a couple of blocks away but keeps a garden in our yard. He says it’s because the sunlight is better over here than in his tree-shaded yard, but I suspect it’s because he just wants to get away from his wife for a few hours.

Yesterday, my landlord was out in the yard, and at one point, he came over and looked in my window. I froze in place, because I was sitting at my computer in a state of undress as a way of coping with the current heatwave. And I had a bad experience exactly three years ago today with his wife doing that. Fortunately, the state of my venetian blinds is strong at this window, so you can’t really see in from the outside, although I can see out, owing to the angle at which they’re set.

Later on, I saw him come over and stand in front of the window. Then he unzipped his pants. Presumably using the window’s reflection as a mirror, he stood there and seemed to examine the crotch of his underpants for a long while. I sat there, gaping in shock. I thought he might pull out his genitals too, and maybe even urinate on the window. But he just he tucked his shirt back in and zipped up his pants.

I don’t know what that was all about. My girlfriend speculates that he was making a pass at me, but I guessed that maybe he thought he’d had an accident. Or maybe he was just musing over how long it would be until he had to go back to his house for a change into fresh underwear and spend time with his wife.

One Response to “I see London, I see France”

  1. dude. thats just wrong? or is wong? or whang? whatever *shudder*, theres a sleepless nights moment…

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