It’s Hockey Night on TSN


It looks like the prediction I made was wrong: The Hockey Night in Canada theme is definitely not returning to CBC. Rival network CTV bought the theme lock, stock, and barrel, acquiring all rights in perpetuity.* This is something you’d think the CBC would have thought to do a long time ago. This means that the other prediction I had in my head but forgot to actually write is correct: If CBC loses the theme, expect to hear it on TSN before long. (CTV is, of course, the parent company of TSN.)

Once again, CBC’s loss is CTV’s gain. First TSN gave former Hockey Night in Canada host Dave Hodge a new home after his firing for a pencil-flipping on-air protest over CBC’s cutting away from the overtime period of a game then in progress. Then, when CBC cut ties with announcer Chris Cuthbert, widely thought of as one of the best play-by-play men in the game, TSN scooped him up. CTV also bought the rights to broadcast the Winter Olympics this time around — and snatched up CBC’s longtime Olympic host Brian Williams as well — and you can expect to hear the former Hockey Night in Canada theme played then, too. If Hockey Night in Canada‘s wardrobe department ever decides to pitch out those powder blue sports jackets the announcers wore in the 1980s, you can expect Pierre McGuire and Glenn Healey to salvage them from the Salvation Army bin to wear the next time the teams on the ice wear throwback jerseys.

* Or so CTV claims, anyway — there’s some doubt over the actual length of the term. But the people who argued that composer Delores Claman was just being greedy and that, after 40 years, the song should be public domain shouldn’t be very happy about a large corporation getting its hooks into it.

June 10 update: The Hockey Night in Canada theme just popped up on The Colbert Report, of all places, where it played as Colbert ate a hot dog, waved an American flag and a handgun around, and sang new lyrics about punching beavers in the face. The Colbert Report is, incidentally, shown on CTV in Canada.

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