Putting the sex in Sex and the City


My girlfriend Candace finally got to see the Sex and the City movie last night. I didn’t accompany her, however — first, because she’s still in Hong Kong right now, and second, because I’m not a woman. According to the LA Times, the opening night audience for the film was 85 percent female, falling to 75 percent over the rest of the opening weekend. If Candace had had her druthers, there would have been even fewer men in attendance. “The one behind me laughed really loud at every small joke and even when something wasn’t funny,” she says. “Like when a character was crying.”

Her other complaint was that while the movie was good, the character Charlotte didn’t have a big enough storyline. Here’s where I think we could kill two birds with one stone when it comes to the DVD release: Since it’s more likely to be rented by couples, thus seeing a home audience with greater gender parity, put together a special unrated DVD edition editing the Kristen Davis sex tape into the film. Simultaneously, the women in the audience are pleased by the boost in Davis’ screen time and the men have an intriguing reason to pay attention.

Note: Though she’s clearly the most conventionally beautiful of the Sex and the City quartet, I never thought Kristen Davis had much sex appeal. She’s pretty, but she doesn’t exude sexuality. With her porcelain-doll looks, she’s just a quintessential good girl. Bad girls are sexy. (It’s like in the Bond movie Goldeneye. They’re both beautiful, but who’s sexier — Izabella Scorupco as the computer programmer who helps Bond disarm the doomsday weapon? Or Famke Janssen as the psycho henchwoman who has orgasms when she crushes men to death with her thighs?) That is, I never thought she had that much sex appeal until that video came to light. Even if it’s not really her, it still forces a critical re-evaluation of the matter. But for possibly the definitive post on the subject of Davis having no sex appeal, I direct your attention to A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago’s discussion of the Kristen Davis All-Stars as well as the Bill Simmons column referred to in that post.

5 Responses to “Putting the sex in Sex and the City

  1. 1 Matt

    I know I’m not the best person to comment on her by virtue of the following statement, but I’ve never seen her in anything where I thought she was a passable actor.

    So, um…

  2. 2 bob

    So is there a video or is it just those two or three stills?

  3. 3 Gloria

    I’ve never watched SATC, but I’ve noticed promos, etc. The odd thing about most-conventionally-beautiful Charlotte is that when you named her, I couldn’t even picture her face; perhaps for the reason you say, she doesn’t make much of an impression.

    I’d certainly bone Samantha though.

  4. 4 Elizabeth

    And yet, “unsexy” Charlotte still had more sex partners than Carrie and Miranda throughout the series. So being conventionally pretty clearly wasn’t a disadvantage for her.

  5. i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it

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