Boyle, on Boyle


Found, via James Mirtle, an ESPN story about Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman Dan Boyle by … Dan Boyle. (At least, that’s what the byline says. At the bottom, it indicates that Scott Burnside wrote it.) To crib from my comment at Mirtle’s site, I like the potential for self-promotion this offers. From the article:

Boyle, a top puck-moving defenseman who helped the Lightning to a Stanley Cup championship in 2004, signed a six-year, $40 million deal that includes a no-trade clause before last February’s trade deadline.

Good. But it could have been better:

Boyle, widely considered the best player in the NHL, is perhaps the handsomest man ever to lace up a pair of skates, not to mention a perennial contender for both the Norris trophy and the Pulitzer prize. Most outside observers agree that the popular defenceman’s point production, journalistic excellence, and telegenic good looks merit a hefty contract extension from the Lightning, a weekly ESPN TV program with Bill Simmons, and a personal introduction to Tampa resident Brooke Hogan.

And then Boyle leans back in his chair and says, “Now we wait.”

I swiped the last sentence there from Susan, who really needs to get back to writing her own blog.

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