A thousand of one, a thousand of another


Somewhere in my move to WordPress, my blogroll went missing in action. Someday, some way, I’ll get it back up and running, and yes, you’ll be on it. Every one of you. But I’ll especially make a point of including two former editors of my old university humour rag, Neil Pasricha and Matt Blair, who are both currently engaged in oddly similar projects.

Being a positive fellow with a disposition for stopping to smell the roses, Neil is celebrating life’s many small pleasures with a blog called 1000 Awesome Things. Where will stopping to smell the roses rank? Stay tuned and find out.

Matt, on the other hand, plays the raging yin to Neil’s sober yang by railing against life’s many cruel blows with his series A Thousand Things That Piss Me Off, which is hosted at Shplog. I have a sneaking suspicion that a recent post of mine may have inspired numbers 255 and 256. How so? Tune in and find out!

Yeah, I know you can’t “tune in” to a blog. But clicking is just so much less dramatic. Still, click away. Oh, and while you’re doing that and I’m doing a GW Has-Been roundup, Elan Mastai and Conrad Schickedanz popped up over at Cracked today with 11 Celebrity-Inspired Fads We’d Like to Forget, so click on that too.

2 Responses to “A thousand of one, a thousand of another”

  1. 1 Matt

    Yeah, you definitely inspired No. 256. In general, the first three items in that post play on the fact that it’s the thirteenth post. It’s a theme I could have dragged out for a while, but I tend to think these posts are long enough as they are.

    Thanks for the link!

  1. 1 to be fair, I listen to more bands that don’t exist anymore « Man vs. Clown!

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