W-w-w-Whopper Freakout


Just a quick note on the “Whopper Freakout” commercial currently being aired to promote Burger King: The part that doesn’t quite sit right is the inclusion of the sour-faced crone at 0:18 who says, “I’m not going to come here. There’s no reason for me to come here anymore.” Sure, the Whopper might be the most popular item, but this sends the message that it’s the only worthwhile item on the menu. The Chicken Tenders, the Big Fish, the BK Stacker, the Croissan’wich, even the french fries and shakes — it’s all garbage unfit for human consumption. Certainly, none of these could constitute any kind of reason to come to Burger King.

You know what does, though? Getting the chance to bitchslap the hipster at the start of the commercial who does that exaggerated, melodramatic quadruple take. W-w-w-what is with that douche? I bet if you belted him hard enough with one good smack, you could get his head to oscillate wildly as though it were spring-loaded for fully half a minute. Forget this campaign — that ought to be Burger King’s next 30-second spot right there.

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