Hey Mister, you were a friend of mine


I noticed last night that the Shopper’s Drug Mart built on the former site of the Ralph Day Funeral Home near Danforth and Broadview is finally open for business. It’s probably going to be weird to go in there to buy cough drops, only to realize that people may have lain on that very spot who were beyond the help of any medicine. It’s also weird that one of the letters on the sign looks like it’s already burned out, which is possibly attributable to some entropic effect caused by the spirits of the dead (that, or it having never been installed correctly in the first place).

Until the drugstore took over the location, each of the three practice facilities that my fencing club uses was near a funeral home. (I previously mentioned one of them here.) This was actually pretty handy. If one of us were to be suddenly felled by a heart attack while doing strenuous footwork or by a foil penetrating a rusty mask and stabbing through the eye socket into the brain, we could simply drop the body off after practice with little inconvenience.

What I didn’t notice until today is that the nearby Mister Transmission automotive repair shop has been demolished, no doubt to allow the further gentrification of the area. That’s probably not a bad thing. Yet, I will mourn, because no longer will I be able to make my standard joke about the place: that Mister Transmission is a good name for a superhero who gives people sexually transmitted diseases.

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