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After stumbling across the TV Tropes wiki, of which I’d never heard before, I stayed up way too late tonight browsing through it. It catalogues pretty much any plot or character device used in TV or any other kind of fiction, so you can imagine there’s a lot there of interest. But as clichéd as some of the devices described might be, I was totally stunned by the entry on the Charles Atlas Superpowerbecause it quotes me.

Specifically, it quotes me and your favorite defunct Internet humourist, Jay Pinkerton, from our parody of Batman’s origin (here’s part one and two). Here’s the quoted bit:

Young Bruce Wayne: If only I was a scientist billionaire crime-fighting detective, I could have stopped this!
Narrator: That night, Bruce prays to Jesus to grant him awesome powers.
Bruce: Jesus, please make my muscles develop unrealistically fast and make science really easy to learn.
Narrator: Jesus comes through!
Jay Pinkerton and Peter Lynn, Batman Origin Comics

I was not expecting to see that at all. But I’m honoured — almost as honoured as when the BBC mistakenly credited us as the actual co-creators of Batman.

My mood’s a little deflated, though, by the realization upon rereading this that Young Bruce Wayne really ought to be saying “If only I were a scientist billionaire crime-fighting detective”. Some copy editor I am — we really messed up the subjunctive mood in that one.

4 Responses to “TV Tropes”

  1. To be fair, Bruce Wayne was probably a little emotional when he delivered that line.

    Sorry, “were” a little emotional.

  2. 2 Candace

    Congrats! You’re internet famous again!

  3. It’s not like Young Bruce Wayne wished to be a copy editor or something. Cut him some slack, dude, his parents just died.

  4. 4 Steve Ely

    Such a shame that the BBC RaW quiz PDFs seem to be gone now.

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