In unrelated news, what’s all this I’ve been hearing today about Troy Aikman being gay?


So, John McCain is suspending his presidential campaign to focus on fixing the ailing economy.

Quick question: Isn’t it the president’s job to do that? Does McCain know he hasn’t actually gotten that job yet? Not only does this lend credence to the idea that he’s getting a little senile, but the argument that McCain is indistinguishable from George W. Bush is bolstered now that McCain seemingly thinks he is Bush.

Update! An absolute classic — possibly historic — episode of Letterman is airing right now. Not only did McCain suspend his campaign and duck out of Friday’s debate, but he dropped out of appearing on Letterman tonight, and Letterman is steamed. He just won’t let this go, and getting Keith Olbermann as a replacement was an inspired move (though he did swipe him from a scheduled appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show.) It gets even better when he finds out that the famed straight shooter isn’t rushing back to the airport, as he’d claimed, but instead is over at CBS News doing an interview with Katie Couric, which the jilted Letterman demonstrates by picking up the live feed of that appearance.

Amazingly, this Late Show footage has somehow already found its way onto YouTube even before airing. Watch this.

Update #2: Dave didn’t let up the next night either. Click here to watch.

4 Responses to “In unrelated news, what’s all this I’ve been hearing today about Troy Aikman being gay?”

  1. 1 Riley

    How does a Canuck like you know who Troy Aikman is? Have you been watching King of the Hill?

  2. 2 Peter Lynn

    Isn’t he the one who lost the Superbowl to Ruben Studdard?

  3. 3 Riley

    Oh, and I’d appreciate it if you pretended that I spelled Troy’s name correctly above. Thanks.

  4. 4 Peter Lynn

    I don’t see any error!

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