Ironically, I’ll probably miss The Office tonight because I’ll be at the office.


At long last, the television programming for which I desperately longed all summer has returned. I speak, of course, of pre-season hockey. Oh, and The Office is back tonight, too. Now, I love living in Canada, which is why I can happily watch hockey games that don’t even count. But one thing I hate is that NBC won’t let me watch any of the clips it puts on Hulu. So, while many of you south of the border have been able to get your Jim and Pam fix all summer long by watching the deleted scenes online, I’ve been out of luck.

Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve stumbled across a way. Here’s a Photobucket account hosting many of these deleted scenes. I didn’t even know Photobucket could do that. Fittingly, I watched these at the office the other day. (Yesterday, I killed time by watching the “Home” and “Revolt in the Fifth Dimension” episodes of the old Spider-Man cartoon. It’s been slow.) Now, while you wait for the season premiere tonight, you can get your fix too.

4 Responses to “Ironically, I’ll probably miss The Office tonight because I’ll be at the office.”

  1. If you want to watch clips of US TV shows here in the Great White North, just get yourself a proxy for your web browser (type “free web proxy” into Google). I’ve found that servers from Sweden stream American shows quite nicely; Global probably told NBC to block Canadian viewers (I know The Comedy Network told Comedy Central to do that for their clips). Enjoy!

  2. Hmm, I too am peeved about Hulu’s lack of support for outside-of-US streaming. I was not aware that Canada was left out, too! Damn… anyways, enjoy the new season of The Office, I have yet to see the new episode myself.

  3. 3 Peter Lynn

    jtl: I figured that Canada was probably blocked because of Global’s domestic broadcast rights, even though it’s stupid to block outtakes that Global’s not doing anything with. But thanks for the tip! I’ll look into that … after I figure out how to fix my Flash player. I reinstalled my Flash player last night, and that fixed things for a while. Then it broke again.

    ezanee: My girlfriend, who lived overseas for years, had ways of watching The Office and other shows online. If you don’t, maybe I can get the link from her.

  4. 4 Tom

    I use this:

    Which is a free web-tunnelling thing that makes it look as though your internet connection is coming from inside the States, at which point Hulu will show you some video.

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