Let Me Count the Ways


Here’s another treat from Miles Kurosky — apparently the last song the late great band Beulah ever did. It’s actually a remix of a Yoko Ono song called “Let Me Count the Ways”. Well, it’s actually two remixes of “Let Me Count the Ways”. Normally, twice the Ono would make me shout “Oh, no!”, but in this case, it is, much like Galaxie 500’s cover of her “Listen, the Snow Is Falling”, quite pretty.

You can stream them at his Myspace page. Or, if you’re unable to stream it because you have a broken Flash player like me and you promise to buy his solo album when it comes out, you can just download them by clicking on the following links. (They aren’t enabled or download on his site, but getting around that isn’t hard, as I figured out when he posted his song “An Apple for an Apple”. You just go to the site, clear your cache, then start the song. Then, look at your cache and search for the link that has an “MP3” in it. Click that, and a download dialog box ought to pop up. Then apologize to Miles for hacking his website.)

Let Me Count the Ways (version 1)

Let Me Count the Ways (version 2)

2 Responses to “Let Me Count the Ways”

  1. 1 Brian Kaplan

    Hello! I’m finding this post very late but still interested in getting these two versions. Can’t find them on his myspace anymore. Any chance you can email them to me? Thanks so much!

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