Perturbed on the street


Today marks the start of this year’s edition of Word on the Street, a book festival that takes place at Queen’s Park here in Toronto. It used to take place on Queen Street, though, and as I mentioned five years ago, it’s a good place to see fat, bearded science-fiction writers in Tilley hats, though I don’t know why you’d want to. A couple of years before that, I was studying book and magazine publishing, so a bunch of us from class were down there as volunteers for the festival.

I was walking by the CHUM-City building at Queen and John with my classmate Pino, when I saw MuchMusic VJ Rachel Perry on the sidewalk outside the studio, setting up to shoot a streeter. If you’re American, you might recognize Rachel Perry from her work on VH1 and her acrimonious departure from the Adam Carolla Show. If you’re me, which I am, you might recognize her from elementary and high school, where I was a grade ahead of her.

So I waved over at her and said, “Hi, Rachel! It’s Peter. We went to school together, remember?”

She turned for a moment, and said, very coolly, “Yes. We did.” Then she turned back to her cameraman and kept talking.

“Man,” said Pino. “That was cold.”

Oh yeah, I forgot, I thought. She was kind of a bitch back in school.

I didn’t care for that snubbing. So, I got close and waited until they got all set up to shoot. As soon as the red light on the camera went on and Rachel started talking, I casually walked between her and the camera, spoiling the shot. Rachel turned and yelled at me, “Walk through my shot, why don’t you?”

So I shrugged and said, “Okay.” And I walked back the way I came, crossing between her and the camera again.

Rachel got flustered. “No, no! Don’t!” she shouted.

I put on a look of mock confusion and said, “But you told me to.”

It’s probably too much to hope that this was a live broadcast, but at least I know there’s probably a roll of tape somewhere in the MuchMusic video library of Rachel Perry throwing a fit at me on camera.

7 Responses to “Perturbed on the street”

  1. Yeah dude, Rachel Perry sucks.

  2. 2 John M

    Oh Man, you have no idea… I used to hang out with her older sister quite a bit. Her old lady spoiled the shit outta her.. I mean, it’s great she has done well, but woman up and act like nice person…Total Beotch even back then…Karen was down to earth and great to be around back then, and Rachel was ‘it’s all about me’….Nice move Pete.. I like it….She is kinda cute though….

  3. 3 Scott

    Being kinda cute is all the more reason to do what Pete did. Only suckas let that get in the way.

  4. I applaud your move, guy. Back when I’d actually stop more than 0.3 seconds on MuchMusic and catch that vapid, no-talent bubblehead gabbing away, I’d wonder if there was anyone controlling that head of hers, or if it was all just cobwebs and empty hamster-wheels up there.

  5. Oh come on, it can’t all be cobwebs and hamster-wheels. She must have a counterweight system set up to keep her head from bobbling right off her neck. Between the frame and forty-pound counterweight, I imagine it takes up a lot of space.

  6. 6 Teaflax

    Ms Perry knew not who she was trifling with.

  1. 1 Aboredeen « Man vs. Clown!

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