The story “Man vs. Clown! to end daily publication of print edition“, posted October 29, 2008, contained certain inaccuracies.

First, Man vs. Clown! does not now publish, nor has it ever published, a print edition. It is a web-only publication.

Man vs. Clown! was founded in 2003, not 1908, and neither Mary Baker Eddy nor the Christian Science Church have ever been involved with it. It has never received the Pulitzer prize. In addition, the stated circulation and financial numbers were grossly inflated.

Scott Feenstra has been affiliated with Man vs. Clown! as a correspondent. However, he was never taken prisoner in either Bosnia or Baghdad, nor did he write about those experiences. 

Mike Martelle is not a research analyst or consultant for the information industry and did not make the statements attributed to him. 

Marc Mytelle is not president of the Society of Professional Toiletry Humour, and the statement that readers are sure to feel a sense of nostalgia for Man vs. Clown!’s daily publication is obviously false. Marc Mytelle is clearly simply a made-up name based on that of Mike Martelle.

The story is clearly a cut-and-pasted copy of an Associated Press wire story on the recent discontinuation of the daily edition of the Christian Science Monitor with the name of Man vs. Clown! liberally substituted in its place.

Man vs. Clown! regrets the error.

3 Responses to “Correction”

  1. 1 Scott

    This is a huge relief for me.

  2. I was worried for a moment, there. This is all the fault of those bloody Christian Scientists.

  3. I was with you until you (well, until MvC) regretted the error. Embrace the error!

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