McCain would have gone with “like Kato to O.J. Simpson”


Oh, Barack Obama. Why did you say this?

When it comes to the economy — when it comes to the central issue of this election — the plain truth is that John McCain has stood with this President every step of the way. He hasn’t been a maverick, he’s been a sidekick. He’s like Kato to the Green Lantern. Y’all remember that, those of you who are over a certain age.

Kato wasn’t the Green Lantern’s sidekick, of course. As those who are over a certain age may remember his portrayal on television by Bruce Lee in the 1960s, Kato was the sidekick of the Green Hornet in the show of the same name. I suppose we should cut Obama a little slack since he was only five or six when the show aired, but I fear he may have just lost the vote of the powerful martial artist/comic book nerd lobby.

2 Responses to “McCain would have gone with “like Kato to O.J. Simpson””

  1. Just recently during a speech, Obama pulled out a Redd Foxx impression, looking skyward and saying “I’m coming, Weezie!” Weezie, of course, was the wife from the Jeffersons. “I’m coming, Elizabeth!” is the correct quote.

    Between this and the Green Lantern snafu, I’m now wholly convinced Obama is UNQUALIFIED to run for Presidential Trivial Pursuit.

  2. We should come up with some other old pop-culture references Obama can screw up before the election. Here’s one idea: While questioning his opponent’s economic plan, demand, “Where’s the hamburgers?!”

    He should also refer to the failed assassination of President Gerald Ford, which was attempted by Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, as having been carried out by Lenny and Squiggy.

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