Barack is president


Facebook status updates for the evening of November 4 and the morning of November 5, 2008

Candace is full of hope and excitement for America tonight.

Jennifer is tuning into the election coverage south of the border. Canadians seem to be more interested in this race than in any other in a long time.

Matt is all “Come on, America, do the right thing.”. 

Gareth wonders if the world telling the USA to vote Obama will make them vote for McCain.

Richard can’t wait for the American election to be done and the news to move on.

Karla just wants it to be over! GAH!!!!

Carissa didn’t realize how passionate she was about American politics – this election is ‘almost’ as riveting as a good episode of Dexter, or Lost, or even the Y&R!

Heather is glued to CNN until Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are on.

Samarra wants to hear the laughter of Obama’s kids playing in the White House corridors.

Karla is biting her fingernails. And toes. And crossing her fingers. And toes. And drinking. Heavily.

Greg is watching the returns come in. The path to victory is blocked for McCain. That means the path to change has been cleared of its last major hurdle …

Shannon is thinking that a week where Obama becomes president-elect, AND you get to see AC/DC live is a pretty sweet week, even if your laptap melted.

Greg is amazed — are they SERIOUSLY interviewing by HOLOGRAM from Chicago???? Holy crap!

Christy is breathing a sigh of election relief!!!!!!!

Katherine WOW! wowowow! this is amazing… congratulations America.

Sean just saw Obama win the presidency and is speechless. But not updateless.

Shannon feels that for once, something is right in the world.

MaryBeth is THRILLED!! Things are as they should be.

Susan is glad that the Yanks got something right.

Sascha is saying, “McCain, unfortunately you fucked up. Way to pick a bimbo for your running mate. Even I could have been a better choice. Oh well. Woohoo! Go Obama!!”.

Deepa is thrilled THAT ONE got elected.

Joey Thank you, American voters, for the lovely birthday present!

Sofi is USA! USA!

Kim is McCain concedes. America elects first black president. History has been made. Heading to bed, goodnite.

MaryBeth is honoured to witness history in the making!

Dan is happy. Damn but I’m tired of the past eight years.

Karla is crying a little bit. In the good way.

Rob is so very proud of you all.

Matt just wished the current president of the United States good luck as a private citizen. No, seriously.

Natasha is thinking “yes we can”…

David is pleased.

Kristin is lovin Obama! maybe the US isnt so bad afterall!

Richard is not at all American, but happy as hell with the result of the election. Good job, people!

Mike is thrilled with the shift in attitude towards and within the USA after tonight’s Presidential result; let’s hope it translates into action.

Katherine is yes we can.

Heather is happy that Obama won!

Gregory thinks that is “McCain In The Membrane” ass tattoo wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Amy is very proud of her neighbours! Barch n’Roll!!

Amy is very proud of her neighbours, and does know how to spell Barack!

Kobie is concerned for SNL. What will they do?

Tina is thinking that the Americans made a good decision! History has been made!

Rob is beaming.

Mike is Obamanated.

Aya is rubbing her eyes, feeling like Christmas morning when you’re a kid… President Barack Obama?! Wow….

Peter is watching the sun rise over America. The long national nightmare is over.

7 Responses to “Barack is president”

  1. 1 Kitty

    you’ve just made me cry again.

  2. 2 Peter Lynn

    I think that should be …

    Kitty is crying again.

  3. 3 Candace

    You forgot mine!!!

  4. 4 Candace

    *unfriends Peter*

  5. 5 Peter Lynn

    A grievous oversight! I’ll restore it as soon as Facebook isn’t broken and I can look it up again.

  6. Now you forgot mine from last night!

    Jay wants Candace’s Facebook status updates STRICKEN FROM THE RECORD on Man vs. Clown, and will unfriend Peter Lynn if it is not the case.

  7. *unfriends Peter*

    *waits a minute to see if it took. Refreshes. Unfriends Peter again JUST IN CASE*

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