The latest palindromes


Dog poop! God!

* * *

I’m a goddam mad dog, am I?

* * *

Tard poop! Drat!

* * *

— “I sit on poop?”
— “No. ’tis I.”

* * *

— “Poop on avid racecar diva?”
— “No poop!” 

* * *

— “Poop on nun’s tits?”
Nun: “No poop!” 

* * *

Poop wonks know poop.

* * *

Otto did dab ogre poop; ergo, bad did Otto.

* * *

He loots a poop stool, eh?

* * *

Gulp! Lana’s dad’s anal plug!

* * *

Oh no! Regal slag pees drawers. Reward? Seep gal’s lager on ho.

* * *

Re. my reviled poop delivery:

* * *

A man, a plan, a diaper poop repaid: anal Panama!

8 Responses to “The latest palindromes”

  1. 1 Candace

    These are awesome. You’re a talented young man.

  2. This has renewed my faith in the Inter Network.

  3. 3 Suzie hearts Toronto

    I call shenanigans on “I’m a goddam mad dog, am I?” It’s goddamN, and you know it, Peter Lynn.

  4. 4 prhead

    “Goddamn” still works, because the “n” goes right in the middle. But I call shenanigans on “He loots a poop stool, eh?” That “a” is missing a counterpart.

    No poop!

  5. 5 Peter Lynn

    I actually fretted over the “n” in “goddamn” later, but I clearly should have been worrying more about the “poop stool” one. Clearly I didn’t think that one through enough. Also, I really wanted to do something with the knits/stink pairing, but I couldn’t make it happen.

  6. 6 Scott

    what about stressed desserts?

  7. 7 Mully

    Surely this post title should be “The latest poopindromes”

  8. 8 nkspas

    More where this come from. Good are panama. Race car goddam these are hard to make morf emoc erehw erom.

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