I do this all the time in NHL 09


Last night, I was there behind the net when this happened (thanks, Mirco!):


And I might have even seen Williams’s sniper shot and Blake’s possibly-illegal-but-awesome spin-o-rama too if not for the jerk in front of me who kept suddenly standing up just before the goal and waving his arms around (thanks, jerk!).

Attention, hockey fans: If you’re going to stand up during the shootout, that’s fine. Just do it when the shooter is at the faceoff circle and not right when he takes his shot. Give the people behind you a chance to stand up too instead of letting them think you’re going to stay seated and then suddenly leaping up to obscure their view.

5 Responses to “I do this all the time in NHL 09”

  1. I have no idea what is going on in that video. Ice Hockey is incomprehsnbile.

  2. Seresecros… what’s so hard to get? Williams’ field goal set up Blake’s free throw, and his spin-o-rama move helped turn the Leafs’ bogey into a stolen base. Hooray for sports!

  3. 3 Scott

    I thought the whole “forward motion” controversy was solved by saying the player had to keep moving forward and not necessarily the puck. Was that just a suggestion that was never implemented?

  4. 4 Peter Lynn

    @Seresecros: Your spelling of “incomprehensible” is incomprehensible. (Also, I don’t get cricket.)
    @jtl: I’m very proud of you for that one.
    @Scott: Actually, I think they put a specific exemption for the spin-o-rama into the shootout rule. But I say screw it — anything ought to go for the shootout, including some of those lacrosse-style moves that Robbie Schremp’s been known to pull, which might normally be disallowed because the stick goes above the crossbar. If we’re going to have the shootout, let’s leave room for creativity and fun.

  5. 5 Riley

    I can’t help but wonder why you, the jerk in front of you, and everyone else, weren’t standing during the whole thing. It’s a shootout! I would care about a shootout, and I kinda hate hockey.

    Also, I sort of figured that the possibly-illegal part of the awesome-spin-o-rama was when dude sort of kicked to goalie’s leg out before shooting.

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