Here are some links


I think I just ate some bad sandwich meat. Here are some links for you to read while I spend the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom.

  • I should be ashamed of myself for laughing myself sick at these photographs of frightened toddlers being psychologically scarred by the experience of sitting on Santa’s lap. But I’m not so ashamed that I won’t look at even more photos of traumatized tots. What’s so bad about sitting on the urine-spotted lap of a seasonally employed, rum-soaked old stranger, anyway?
  • We need a montage! Here’s the totally awesome ending that The Shawshank Redemption would have had if it had been made in the early 1980s. 
  • After more than 2000 years, a former museum curator in England has reconstructed the first computer, a Greek clockwork mechanism used for keeping track of astronomical movements and upcoming Olympiads. I’m mainly including this link because I was proud of the comment I made on that site. (At least the Antikythera mechanism was invented before Nigerian spammers.)
  • Slate digs through its mailbag to answer Explainer questions it never got to this year, mostly because they were too stupid and absurd to dignify with a response. (Here are the unanswered questions for 2006 and 2007.) I actually do want to know why, as a man, I’m not allowed to eat Activia yogurt. (Oh yes — I don’t need Activia’s help when I can just eat spoiled cold cuts.)
  • Just in case I just gave you a horrible mental image (which I do try to do from time to time), here’s an antidote: videos of cute things falling asleep. “Aw! Bless!” says my girlfriend.

6 Responses to “Here are some links”

  1. 1 Candace

    Dude, I made that sandwich and there was nothing wrong with it. I know that because I made myself an identical one with the same meat and I’M fine. You’ll just look for any excuse to poop at work!

  2. 2 rtwj

    what was the comment you made?

  3. 3 Peter Lynn

    The one that you see if you click the link that says “my comment”.

  4. 4 Scott

    I love that all the Santa’s are annoyed in the pictures, but my personal favourite is the one with Santa pointing at the camera as though to say “if he’s scarred for life, it’s your fault!”

  5. 5 rtwj

    oooooh it’s at the top not smack dab in the middle. i must be a descendant of one of these “old people” you reference

  6. 6 Scott

    Marlene’s been commenting as me again

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