At least it’s still not quite the Sun‘s BASTARDS! headline


I haven’t ridiculed the writing in Metro for a while, but that’s because I kind of gave up reading the writing in Metro. But check out the butchered grammar in this news brief:

The 42-year-old homeless man who died Tuesday after suffering 80 per cent burns to his body was most likely an accident, and police say they do not suspect foul play.

Grammatically, “accident” refers to the man, not the burns. So, not only was his death horrible and tragic, but his very birth was evidently the result of an unplanned pregnancy. Way to add insult to injury by digging up the family secrets, Metro. Please continue to have your investigative journalists point out which crime and accident victims happened to be adopted or conceived accidentally or illegitimately. Or hire a copy editor — either is good.

* * *

Also, I just noticed that the front page of today’s Sun has an item about the latest military fatality in Afghanistan with the headline ANOTHER CANUCK KILLED. But the big picture below it is of Mats Sundin making his debut in a Vancouver Canucks uniform. Oh no — first Luc Bourdon’s fatal motorcycle accident and now Sundin? Fortunately, no. Just to clear up any confusion, Sundin was booed rather harshly by the Edmonton crowd in last night’s game, but he wasn’t actually killed.

One Response to “At least it’s still not quite the Sun‘s BASTARDS! headline”

  1. 1 Marlene

    As an Oilers’ fan I don’t quite get the point of booing Sundin. Booing should be saved for douche-bag players like Chris Pronger, Sean Avery, or Derek Boogaard. (I’ve never used that term to describe anyone before, but in these cases it’s appropriate.)

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