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Last night, my girlfriend and I were at our local pub and witnessed another couple on their first date — one that had a twist ending. But I’m not going to write about that. After all, my pal Suzie writes a blog that’s pretty much entirely about first dates, so I phoned in my piping hot news tip to her and let her run with the. Go take a gander at her post about it, and if you get back here, I have a couple of other links for you:

  • About a week ago, Kitty sent me an e-mail with the subject heading “best blog ever”. “It even trumps yours, Pet. Believe,” she said. “Just make sure you scroll to the bottom and work your way up.” And the link was to Tiny Art Director, in which an illustrator draws pictures as directed by his four-year-old daughter and is then ruthlessly critiqued by same. The funny thing, I said, was that I’d seen it, liked it, and almost included it in my last batch of links. “Doh. Too slow!” said Kitty. “I’m heartbroken that you didn’t like it enough to link to it. Talk about damning with faint praise…” And she hasn’t talked to me since. So let me apologize to both Kitty and the tiny art director and make good by including it as a link here. 
  • Here’s Phil Hartman’s Saturday Night Live audition. Man, I miss that  guy. Watch for the cameo appearance near the end by fellow Groundling and future SNL castmate Jon Lovitz — looking surprisingly svelte — who would later avenge Hartman’s death by brutally beating down the dick who murdered him. 
  • I’ve never particularly cared for Stuff White People Like (and in fact, will deliberately avoid linking it here). The author pulls off the feat of being simultaneously smug and self-loathing, but fails to consider that not all white people are hipsters. Yet, I kind of like White Whine, which presents a new white person complaint every day and thus — and maybe this is why I like it — is basically Stuff White People Hate. Why does the Arcade Fire let the girl sing? Opinions may vary on whether she is kinda cute or looks like a troll, but surely we can all agree she’s the Arcade Fire’s answer to Yoko Ono. (In this analogy, the Arcade Fire isn’t the Beatles so much as the Plastic Ono band; she doesn’t need to break up the band, since she and her husband are already the main creative partners, so she merely contents herself with tuneless caterwauling.) 
  • I know I’ve seen Charles Bukowski’s Peanuts before, but it’s worth another look. And on a similar yet completely opposite note, here’s what the opening to Watchmen would look like if it were a Saturday morning cartoon. (Note: Possibly spoilery.) I hope the movie is exactly like this.
  • And finally, on a completely unrelated note, Ground Zero is a Google mashup that shows you the thermal damage that would be incurred if you were to drop a nuclear bomb  on the hypocenter of your choosing. For instance, I live around Pape and Danforth into Toronto, so if the intersection of Yonge and Bloor were to be hit with the Little Boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima, I wouldn’t even have to cancel nacho night down at The Willow. (Poor Suzie would be incinerated, though.) But, drop the bomb that Slim Pickens rides into oblivion at the end of Dr. Strangelove, and I’d be looking at third-degree burns, with skin charring and necrosis. Sadly, there’s no alien squid option, so we’ll never know what would happen there.

4 Responses to “Here are some links”

  1. thanks for the links!

  2. 2 hilly

    Good links, Peter. I especially liked the basketball one in the last batch. Although I hate team sports in general (I haven’t yet decided whether they’re the athletic equivalent of fascism), I can most definitely award laurels to a man who apparently is not that great at what he does and yet makes everything around him awesome.

    He should play for our Olympic team and make us not embarrassingly suck.

  3. 3 ujynyujyjku

    wow the watchmen one is insanely lifelike

  4. LOL at the link for the peanuts!

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