Here are some links


I meant to pass along these links like a month ago, but, you know, fuck you, I’ve been busy.

  • This interview with Jay Leno is actually even more relevant than when I first read it, considering that tonight is his last night as host of The Tonight Show. It’s interesting to see what makes Leno tick, because the man is practically a robot. He almost literally ticks.
  • Silly Platypus is a blog written by my old co-worker Barry that frequently bills itself as “the comedy blog that makes no sense.” I can verify that: It almost always makes no sense. I’m comfortable with that; he and I have a professional background in nonsense, after all. But imagine my surprise at reading this absolutely pellucid meditation on physical comedy in the Internet age.
  • Totally Looks Like compares things to other things and frequently finds that they totally look like them. The entry where Carson Daly totally looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy almost killed me. I laughed until I thought I would have a heart attack and/or choke to death. I frequently worry that I’ll end up like that ancient Greek philosopher who laughed himself to death while watching his drunk donkey trying to eat figs, and this was another close call.
  • When was the last time Seth Rogen was as skinny as he is right now in his buff pre-Green Hornet phase? Why, right here, doing standup comedy at a svelte 13 years of age, presumably before he discovered pot and, subsequently, the munchies.
  • And lastly, you’ve probably already seen this, but seriously, Look at this Fucking Hipster. (Related: Hipster Bingo.)

6 Responses to “Here are some links”

  1. 1 Scott

    Isn’t this the girl from your party?

  2. 2 Scott

  3. 3 jtl


  4. Totally Looks Like would be a lot better if they took out the things that are intentionally similar, especially the album covers.

    That said, it’s frightening how much Rod Stewart does totally look like Barry Manilow.

  5. 5 Scott

    What up, T-Bone?

  6. Yo yo, Peet-O.

    Hmm, that didn’t work out the way I’d thought.

    Anyways, glad to see you found something sensical on my blog eventually! Just glad you actually read it! lol.

    In honor of my first ‘pellucid’ post to-date, I have changed my blog motto from “The Comedy Blog That Makes No Sense” to “Humor Bog. Comedy Mire.”

    Upon consideration, I suppose that doesn;t make sense either. Does it?

    Barry aka
    (p.s. you have twitter? I’ll follow you if you do. I’m “sillyplatypus”)

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