My girlfriend insisted on doing another post


Incredibly, after rereading this, my girlfriend still wanted to dictate another blog post. Blame the influence of that plonk Fuzion.

You should wear a scarf!

Like who? Who’s Émile?*

Oh! Toula’s boyfriend! Yes, like that! Just not like Kill Bill. Bill Carradine. David Carradine, I mean. Don’t wear a scarf like that. Or like Christopher Hitchens.

Christopher Hutchence?

Michael Hutchence. Him! Oh, you should download that! [singing] “Two worlds colliding! They could never … tell us … apart!”

It is? Well, it could be “never tell us apart”. We look alike. Just, I’m the one with the hair. You’re the one with the penis.

* We ran into my former housemate Toula on the Danforth yesterday, and she was with this guy named Émile who was wearing a scarf tied around his neck. There are three ways one can tie a scarf around his neck: like a cowboy, like a boy scout, and like a Frenchman. Émile, perhaps not without some justification, had opted to wear it like a stinking Frenchman.

2 Responses to “My girlfriend insisted on doing another post”

  1. 1 jvfree

    when you say scarf do you mean a bandana? or an actual scarf like for the winter?

  2. 2 tupps

    michael hutchence! that’s it no wonder i vaguely remember reading something like this when i was 12. I was back in Bangkok the media had almost-daily coverage on david. what with his international martial artist hack appeal and all. Meybe he was just trying out a new type of rope based martial art.

    Of scarves, at least people have a reason to wear them in western climates. Here only hipsters wear it. Sure it’s 39 degrees celcius outside, showers don’t really help to begin with but its alright…style trumps practicality and comfort anyday.

    I’ve seen a scarf slave take his off and around his neck were rashes. Maybe he can pick out two rash welts, draw a circle around it and frowns below the warts. All around his neck. A nice hipster emoticon tattoo.

    talk about a basic lack of smarts and discretion.

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