Def Leppard: Recyclemania


When I was a kid, I’d have given my right arm to be as cool as the drummer from Def Leppard. I remember watching the video for “Pour Some Sugar on Me” when I was 13 and my father walking through the living room and saying, “Oh, so this is the kind of music you like now.” And I really felt like I’d let the old man down; I was like, I’m sorry for rocking so hard — I won’t do it again. By contrast, my girlfriend wanted her parents to think she was a bad girl. Needless to say, Hysteria was a seminal album for us both during our coming of age.

Anyhow, we  took a walk down memory lane by watching some Def Leppard videos on YouTube, and we noticed something odd about the videos for “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Armageddon It”: They’re almost exactly the same. They’re both essentially performance videos with black-and-white pre- and post-show footage. It’s like, We’re going to rock, now we’re rocking, and we’re done with rocking and on to the drinking and whoring.

But worse yet, the boys don’t seem to even change their clothes. I was always focused more on his preposterously ripped jeans, but my girlfriend pointed out that lead singer Joe Elliott not only is wearing a Def Leppard shirt in both videos (how lame it is to wear a shirt for one’s own band is up for debate) but actually appears to be wearing the same shirt. My theory was that Elliott was too lazy or careless to actually pack a bag before setting out on a two-year-long tour and had to resort to doing his clothes shopping by just swiping stuff off the merchandise stands. This explains the condition of his jeans, too; for all I know, they were brand new at the start of the tour.

But here’s the topper: They actually recycle the exact same footage of the exact same attractive woman from video to video. Look at these screen captures:

3:53 of “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

1:06 of “Armageddon It”

So, what’s going on here? I have three theories:

  1. It’s just a symptom of the flagrant recycling of footage between videos, and, in rushing to put out the video for “Armageddon It” — no less than the sixth single from Hysteria —the video director picked the same clip either accidentally or on purpose. (Wikipedia seems to support the theory that “Armageddon It” was both a rush job and an attempt to improve upon “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.)
  2. The woman in this clip did someone some sort of very special favour in order to get into not one, but two videos.
  3. Someone in or affiliated with the band very badly wanted the woman in this clip to do him a very special favour, going so far as to put her in two different videos to gain her attention.

These are my three theories, but I leave open the possibility of something even more sinister here, because, for some reason, when I Googled both “woman from armageddon it video” and “girl from armageddon it video”, the search results returned links to bestiality porn sites. So maybe I don’t really want to know where the footage of that woman might have originally come from or what she might have done to get the band to put her in two videos after all.

6 Responses to “Def Leppard: Recyclemania”

  1. 1 Tupps

    My father walked in once when I was 14, watching Welcome To The Jungle on the computer and he said to me, “turn that off, music like that is only for thin people.”

    Needless to say, I’ve since been extremely reserved towards the idea of “rocking out.” Now had Rick Allen’s arm been amputated at the elbow then I might have an inkling as to why the woman appeared in two of their videos…even if I’m not entirely comfortable with the fact that said thought crossed my mind. Maybe sometime this week I’ll try and actually watch some amputee porn, just to see why the niche is available in the first place.

    Band members wearing their own merchandise is perfectly fine, Axl Rose wore the white GNR jacket all the time.

    hope you aren’t unwell, Peter!

  2. 2 klaatu

    Having spent all their money on drinking and whoring, they had to have their video clips assembled by Rockin’ Rick’s house O’ video.
    Rockin’ Rick will put together a montage and play your music to it. They got a two for one deal.
    Having starred in bestiality porn, the woman in question was quite okay being filmed with a deaf leopard.
    Apparently she misunderstood the name.However after meeting the band, she preferred to spend her time being rogered roundly by a menagerie of farm animals.

  3. 3 klaatu

    reply to Tupps re: amputee porn.
    If you didn’t know where to find it ,would you be stumped ?
    If you denied watching it, but your wife saw it on your computer,you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
    If you had to pay for it, would it cost an arm and a leg ?
    and my favorite:
    Paul McCartney is getting married again. Upon hearing about the proposal, he was asked “did you go down on one knee?
    to which he replied ” No, I don’t have anything to do with my ex-wife anymore, and you should call her Heather.”

  4. 4 Marlene

    There was some debate in Edmonton before we left ( I think it was Edmonton, I’ve been in a lot of places recently) as to whether it was tacky of Dane Cook to wear his own shirt to his stand-up show a few nights before. The radio DJ I heard said she though it was cool and all the power to him. I have a low opinion of him because of that penguin movie with him and Jessica Alba. I couldn’t make it through half of it; it was terrible.

  5. 6 Blake

    I wanna know who that girl in the Armageddon It video is!

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